Tonight we will all eat foods from the Seder plate--the most important plate at our table. Tasting and talking about these Passover foods will help us make our journey out of Egypt tonight.

Zeroa is the roasted shank bone. It reminds us of the sacrifice of the Passover lamb and of God's instructions to mark our doorposts with its blood. It also reminds us that when all the firstborn sons of the Egyptians were slain, God passed over the homes of the Children of Israel.

Maror means bitter herbs, like horseradish. Maror reminds us of the bitterness and pain of slavery.

Charoset is a mixture of chopped apples, nuts, wine and spices. It reminds us of the bricks and mortar Jewish slaves had to make when they built cities for Pharaoh in Egypt.

Karpas is a green vegetable like parsley or watercress. It reminds us of rebirth and spring.

Baytzah is the roasted, hard-boiled egg. It is a symbol of birth and life. It also reminds us of the offerings our ancestors made long ago when they prayed in the Temple in Jerusalem to give thanks for their fertile fields and flocks.

haggadah Section: Motzi-Matzah