[Please read the bolded sections responsively with us.]

Passover is the celebration of life.
The story of the Jewish people is truly a triumph of life.
Against the odds of history, the Jewish people have done more than survive -
we have adapted creatively to each new time, each new place,
from the birth of our people to the present day.

Even though death has pursued us relentlessly,
time and time again, we have chosen to live.
During the many centuries of the Jewish experience,
memories of destruction are tempered
by the knowledge that the world can also be good.

We have endured slavery and humiliation.
We have also enjoyed freedom and power.
Darkness has been balanced by light.

Our forebears traveled the Earth
in search of the safety and liberty they knew must exist.
We have learned to endure.
We have learned to progress.

We are proud survivors.
We celebrate our good fortune
and seek the advancement of all.


One of the customs of the seder is the asking of questions -
questions about what the ritual actions of the seder mean.
The Passover tradition involves the youngest children asking - actually singing -
about these matters in a song we call "The Four Questions."

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning