The song “Dayeinu,” which literally means “it would have been enough for us,” thanks God for all the miracles performed for the Jewish people: from the Exodus out of Egypt, to their journey through the desert, until they entered the land of Israel where they built a national home. In reality, no one of these alone would indeed have been enough. But we celebrate each step toward freedom before moving to the next step. If we dismiss small victories, we will never achieve the whole liberation.

CHORUS: Dai-dai-yenu, dai-dai-yenu, dai-dai-yenu, dayeinu dayeinu (x2)

Spoken: If the ETERNAL had taken the Jews out of Egypt and not brought them safely to Israel, dayeinu !


Spoken: If the ETERNAL had brought the Jews to Israel and not empowered them to build a sovereign state, dayeinu !


Spoken: If the ETERNAL had empowered the Jews to build a sovereign state and not inspired them to make it a democracy, dayeinu !


Spoken: If the ETERNAL had inspired the Jews to make Israel a democracy and not given them great power, dayeinu !


Spoken: If the ETERNAL had given the Jews great power

and not ennobled them to wield it with compassion, dayeinu !


But the ETERNAL has ennobled us to wield power with compassion. In every generation a person must see him/herself as if s/he had personally gone out of Egypt. In past generations, Jews fled from oppression and persecution. Now we all draw courage from our pasts to extend a hand of aid and friendship to those in need.

We say the blessing and drink the cup of storytelling.

Blessed is the creator of the fruit of the vine.

We fill the third cup, the cup of conversation, and turn to small groups to share our stories.

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: T'ruah's Refugee Seder