Now let's finish our conversation about the 5th question from maggid.  So tonight we wear a Kittel, but tonight is not the only time. We wear a Kittel on Yom Kippur our wedding day, when we die and then Pesach.  Now, what is the connection between these 4 times? The connection is two words MOST and IMPORTANT. when we die, our family gathers together to say final words and those are the MOST IMPORTANT on your wedding day it's the MOST IMPORTANT day for you and your wife then obviously your baby comes next but it's the wedding which is MORE IMPORTANT. Then comes Yom Kippur, the MOST IMPORTANT day ever. You wear the Kittel to show that 1. you are wearing white as an angel of Hashem, 2. because it's IMPORTANT you are there davening to Hashem to forgive you for anything you have done bad and to have a good start. When someone does something bad they obviously want forgiveness and that's why Yom Kippur is the MOST IMPORTANT day. But then why today, why on Pesach do we wear a kittle how is it the MOST IMPORTANT. it is not the most important holiday because that Yom Kippur, why is it so important? It's not what it is that makes it so important its what we do that makes it SO IMPORTANT simply during Maggid just talking about Yitziat Mitzriam makes it important enough to wear a kittlel. 

haggadah Section: Shulchan Oreich