In dipping a vegetable "ka'zait" - the size of an olive - in salt water we're more obviously asked to viscerally experience others' - and our own - sadness. The point is often the freshness of the vegetable, the sad, saltiness of the water. 

Think about the size, though, of the vegetable. Such a tiny amount of a thing to eat. It's still early in the evening so we don't want to let anyone be too satisfied...! But this is connected to how, right now, we're still slaves. Later - much later - we'll tell a story, cross the salty sea, and experience freedom. 

In the meantime, given that we're slaves, how do we feel about this little bit of vegetable? Is it our ration? Such a paltry thing? 

haggadah Section: Karpas
Source: Ariel Kates