I created a Kahoot seder. Kahoot is a free classroom response system. One computer displays questions and each participant answers them on his or her phone or other device. Then computer then shows the correct answer and tabulates the responses. Participants compete for points.

My Kahoot seder goes through the main parts of the seder asking relatively easy questions about each. A few are discussion questions without one correct answer. I've used graphics from haggadot.com. My idea is to put a laptop near the seder table and invite each guest to answer questions on his or her phone. We will either do the whole quiz before we start as a warm up/introductory activity, or we will alternate between questions and doing that step in the seder with a haggadah.

You can get to the kahoot seder by making a free account at https://getkahoot.com. Search the public kahoots for "Passover Seder" by Ttsegal. Or, you can linkto it at https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/af9ea307-3214-4775-ba2d-167b89724cf9 After you load the quiz, you will get a unique kahoot number. Each participant goes to kahoot.it on his/her device browser and types in the kahoot number.

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