Kadesh, sanctifying the wine, is the first of the four cups of wine that are drunk at the seder of Passover. During this blessing, the first cup of wine is being sanctified, it is separated and it is being made holy. This cup is known as the “Cup of Sanctification.” Why is the wine being blessed? This is because when the Jews were being led out of Egypt, the Jews were spared by the rest of Egypt by Hashem who made them sanctified. Also, the blessing of the first cup of Kadesh is saying that Hashem was telling the Jews that he would take them out of Egypt. Why is only the first cup of wine, specifically, being blessed unlike the other three? What is the reasoning behind drinking and blessing exactly four cups of wine? Each blessing that is said on each cup of wine is different. The first cup of wine, known as Kadesh, is saying that Hashem is promising the Jews that he would take them out of Egypt. The blessing of the second wine cup is saying that the Jews will be delivered away from the Egyptian slavery. The third cup of wine is saying that Hashem will redeem the Jews with His power. The last cup of wine is saying that the Jews will be taken by Hashem and they will be His people. Each cup of wine represents the different things that Hashem said to the Jewish people. Kadesh is the first thing out of the whole seder that is being blessed. The rest of the prayers have to be done as a holy and sanctified person. So, when one says the prayer, it not only sanctifies the wine, it also sanctifies him.

haggadah Section: Kadesh
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