The story of the Exodus begins in slavery and ends in redemption.  As they left Egypt, the Israelites chose to bake the unleavened matzah instead of waiting for the bread to rise.  The story teaches us that God requires our partnership in the process of redemption; to be a partner with God is to be an agent of change.  This too is a symbol of the Matzah. The Matzah is Lechem Ge’ulah  – the Bread of Redemption – which reminds us of those opening moments of our nation’s freedom, when we acted as partners with God.

Although she lost her children, Hamida escaped with her remaining family to the Iridimi refugee camp in Chad.  Through the JWW Water Reclamation Project, Hamida is using recycled water from her family’s shower stall to grow a small vegetable garden that supplements her family’s meager food rations and can be sold in the marketplace.  The opportunity to provide for her family has given Hamida a measure of dignity and empowerment that she had lost. 


Describe a time when you faced a major challenge and were able to find the tools or resources to overcome it.

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