Friends. Sisters and cis-ters. Loved ones. Community members. Partners. Family members. Strangers. Siblings. Welcome to the pesach table for our LGBTQ seder. This is a meal that we make together and we eat together.

On other nights, we follow the traditional seder that was written by our religious ancestors. Why on this night do we use a new seder put together by queer activists and community leaders? 

Because this is a seder for us, by us. 

Seder means "order" - we deliberately go through this haggadah in careful steps, in a clear order. Each part of this seder will give us a chance to reflect on our history, our current experience, and our future.

Let all who are hungry, come and eat. And let all who are in need of a queer and trans community find one here, this night.

haggadah Section: Introduction