Pesach Family,


On behalf of myself, Rachel, and Lucy, I want to thank you all for joining the first Seder we've ever hosted in our own home. We hope it is a joyful and meaningful experience for everyone. Tonight has been the culmination of many, many hours of hard work by me, Lucy, Deb, Adam, Cheryl, and Lew...but especially my beautiful wife Rachel. Her love and dedication to this holiday is an inspiration to us all.


There are many stresses in our everyday life.....for some it's our jobs (do I really have to go back tomorrow??), for some it's family obligations (but aren't Lucy and Nadav adorable??), for some it's financial obligations (why won't the coffers replenish faster??)...I could go on....


However, for me, Pesach is a celebration. It is a time to relax, recline, enjoy those around us, and to celebrate. It is a celebration not only of our biblical freedom from slavery, but even if just for a moment – freedom from the daily challenges that make our lives “interesting”. Thanks for joining our celebration!


Chag Sameach,

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Unknown