Pesach Family,

On behalf of myself, Rachel, and Lucy, we want to welcome you all to the first ever Seder that we have hosted in our own home! We are honored and blessed to have all of you here with us, as we attempt to make this service as meaningful and joyful as possible.

I know there are many challenges and stresses throughout the year, including work (do I really have to go back tomorrow??), family commitments (aren't Lucy and Nadav adorable??), financial obligations (why won't the coffers replenish faster??).....I could go on.....

However, for me, Pesach is a celebration....a time to relax, recline, enjoy those around us, put aside those stresses that sometimes haunt our daily lives, and celebrate! It is a celebration not only of our exodus MiMitzraim, but also the blessings of family, friends, and the wonderful faith that ties us all together.

Thanks for making our Seder a success!


haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Craig Ginsberg