INGREDIENTS (Per participating household)
• Printed or digital Sayders • Seder plate + add-ons (see below)
• 2 candles + matches (consider adding a yahrzeit/memorial candle)
• Elijah’s Cup + Miriam’s Cup (these can be regular wine/water glasses)
• Wine/juice glass per participant (go fancy)
• Water bowls or hand sanitizer + towels • Matza (at least 3 pieces)
• A bowl of salt water
• Appetizers, spring style (karpas can be anything from veggies to sushi)
• Festive dinner
• Computer/tablet/phone (charged up)

“Oh no! I don’t have a seder plate!” No worries. Get a big plate. Put on it:

• Roasted egg (hard boiled is fine)
• Karpas (green leafy veggies—parsley’s a classic)
• Maror (bitter herb—usually horseradish)
• Lamb’s bone (go vegan: use a beet for “blood”)
• Charoset (mythic mortar—mix chopped fruit, nuts, spices, and sweet wine)
• Optional social justice-minded additions include an orange (for LGBTQ+ inclusion), a lock & key (for those currently enslaved and incarcerated), a tomato (for our farmworkers), and more.
• Covid-19 add-on: What will you add to your Seder plate this year? (Mask, or Purel, anyone?)

haggadah Section: Introduction