Welcome back to Passover – mid-Pandemic. This night, different from so many previous Passover nights we’ve known, invites us to keep showing up, committed to continuity, connection, and care. In the midst of grave uncertainty, isolation, illness and loss, we gather online to retell our sacred journey as a people in constant formation.

The ancient Exodus saga and our contemporary dire straits inform each other and help us transform this night into a sacred, stubborn, and delicious celebration.

Sayder includes highlights from the Passover Haggadah, links to readings, songs and activities, simple directions for the Sayder host and interactive cues for all participants.

Sayder is everybody-friendly—designed for all varieties of Jew/ish—the people we live and love with, friends and guests. Sayder uses Lab/Shul’s God-Optional poetic and non-gendered translations of the traditional liturgy. Choose your own adventure, customize your metaphors and focus on what matters most to you tonight—with joy.

We’ve got this. Welcome to Sayder.


Estimated Length: 90-120 min (including dinner)
Ages: 13+ (with engaging kid friendly options)

haggadah Section: Introduction