Mazel tov! You’re the host of this Passover like no other. Thank you for taking on a 
sacred task. Here’s what you need to make this ritual night enjoyable, participatory, 
meaningful and memorable.

1. Get ingredients ready. Check list and edit/add as needed.
2. Communicate the Zoom links, ingredients list, and any welcome note or 
directions to all participants.
3. Make sure computers/tablets/phones are charged or plugged in. 
4. New to Zoom? There’s a great visual tutorial here. You may want to test your 
Zoom link with all participants prior to the start of Sayder. Allow time for 
5. As host, part of your role is to guide your guests through this ritual. That means 
you get to play the part of EmCee, assign roles and readings, keep the flow, and 
keep track of time. 
6. Partner up. Get a responsible participant to take on co-hosting roles to help 
welcome people, mute/unmute, split into breakout groups if needed, share 
7. There are 4 Questions, 4 Children, and 4 Cups of Wine for Seder. So we’ve got 4 
Categories to guide you through this sayder:
• DO is an action, whether washing hands or eating matzah ball soup. 
(Tip: Tell your guests what’s about to happen and invite them to take part if 
you’d like!)
• SAY is a thought, a blessing, a piece of inspiration to read aloud. 
(Tip: Lead & Read or delegate ahead.)
• UNMUTE is a chance for discussion: a worthy question to ask of one another. 
(Tip: Give people an idea of how much time they should share.)
• SING is, well, what’s a Seder without a few great songs? 
(Tip: It’s hard to sing together on Zoom because of lag, so either pick a soloist 
or embrace the cacophony!)

haggadah Section: Introduction