Leader:  We begin with the Passover plate.  The four foods on this plate symbolize the years of graduate school. 

Leader:  The first item is the bitter herbs. 

All:  The bitter herbs were painstakingly prepared over several years. 

Leader:  The second item is the chocolate covered-pretzels. 

All:  The chocolate-covered pretzels symbolize the food which our forefathers ate while attending evening talks. 

Leader:  The third item is the day-old chocolate covered pretzels, some with bites missing  

All:  The day-old chocolate covered pretzels, some with bites missing, symbolize the breakfast which our forefathers ate the morning after the talks. 

Leader:  The fourth item is the chinese food. 

All:  For it is written, in haste did they buy their dinner from the chinese truck.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: A Graduate Student Haggadah