According to the Kabbalah, the book that represents Jewish Mysticism, every Jew is composite of two distinct souls. The first soul is the   Nefesh HaBehamit   which animates the body. This soul is complete with an infrastructure of powers ranging from pleasure and will to intellect and emotions. The second soul is the   Nefesh Elokit. This soul is described by Job as “a part of G‑d,” and exists both before its descent into the body and after the ascent from the body. 
This means that our loved ones who have passed are actually still alive, existing on another plane at levels of joy and adventure that we cannot even imagine with our Earth-tied minds. That is why we use the term POTSA instead of dead when describing a person gone from this life.  It is an acronym that stands for Passed On To Something Awesome, which requires us to think about the person’s soul now in its most fabulous state of being, rather than focusing on our deep sadness for their loss in our life. It also opens the possibility that these souls are still with us, cheering us on and guiding us closer towards our own self-actualization. This shift honors their current existence and offers a more accurate portrayal of the multi-layered reality of the Universe, while bringing us more feelings of freedom and joy down here where we continue to live on Earth. 
Based on this concept, we’d like to honor all of the souls who have POTSA, and bring them into our space tonight. Please call out the names of loved ones who have left the Earth, inviting them to share in wine and matzo with us and engage in this special experience with us.

haggadah Section: Kadesh