An interesting thing about this plague was that the Egyptians could imitate exactly what Moses did and bring out the frogs from the Nile. It amazed me that the Egyptians can do this task because they were not loyal to the one G-D, Hashem. Another thing that I found interesting was that the frogs turned ferocious against the Egyptians. Even though they are one of the smallest creatures we know of, they turned deadly. The frogs would go everywhere and Egyptians would go. The frogs went all over their faces, their houses, and everything that they owned. They would not walk a step without seeing or being attacked by a frog that came out of the Nile. Why would Hashem choose a small animal like a frog? Frogs cannot hurt anyone and people are generally not too afraid of them. An answer I saw is that God wanted to show that even the smallest creatures can harm someone. By doing this he humbled Pharaoh; the Egyptians can make the frogs come out of waters just like Moses, but they could not turn them against the people. 


haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues
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