Our voice is our superpower. When we express with authenticity and intention, we have the chance to manifest magic. Yet, sometimes it can be hard to discern our most authentic voice. 

From the moment we’re born as sweet, tiny baby bundles, we’re infused with millions of messages from the outside world, which soak their way into our mind and make a whole lot of noise that gets trapped in our systems, influencing how we think, feel, act, and ultimately, how we show up and express ourselves. All those other voices are like our Pharoah, demanding and imposing rules and regulations, enslaving us into its system of expectations and beliefs, and well…there is no better time to break free! Until we do, we may be living according to Pharoah’s values, instead of living true to our own.  

Our authentic voice is begging to be heard. Our challenge is to tune out all that outer noise so that we can tap into our deepest truth. Our authentic voice rests within our center, waiting to break free, and perhaps has been there since the day you were born. Done hearing everyone else’s story, it is time to step unapologetically into our own. 

How do we reclaim our authentic superpower and step into true personal freedom? It starts inside. Our body gives us daily hints and hunches, kicking up clues to help us uncover who we truly are. Today, you’re invited to reconnect to your body, listen deeply, and free your most authentic voice, from the inside out. 

Activity: Take a step towards reclaiming your authentic voice by tuning in to your body, listening to its messages, and speaking your truth with a short meditation and writing practice.

You will need : Notebook + pen

Part 1: Meditation for arriving into the body
(Facilitator can read this softly + smoothly) Sit in a comfortable position with your feet on the ground. Gently close your eyes, and take a few deep belly breaths to arrive inside your body.

Sit like a queen: crown up, chest open, sitting regal on your throne. Starting with your crown at the top of your head, begin to relax, as if you’re melting with ease and grace. Let the relaxation fall towards your face, your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, your mouth. Roll down your body with relaxation, you have nowhere else to be, but right here. Relax your neck and your chest. Relax your arms and your hands and your fingertips.

Relax your belly, let it fall free. Relax your pelvic floor, release, release, and feel yourself relaxing towards the floor. Relax through your thighs and calves, to your tippy toes. Give yourself full permission to relax in this moment. Breathe here. Be here.

Now that you’re relaxed, tune in to your body sensations. Where within your body is calling for your attention? Where do you feel tight or tense? Take a moment and explore this part of your body, and listen deeply.

(Facilitator can pause/wait a moment here)

Be open to receive any messages your body is sending you. When you’re ready, open your eyes, pick up your pen, and free your flow.

Part 2. Writing + Sharing Exercise
During the meditation, did you notice any parts of your body calling for you? Make this body part a character. Describe it and give it a name. 

What is this body part trying to tell you? What did it have to say when you took a moment to listen? What messages are you open to receiving at this time? Write a letter from this body part to you. (Can break into partners here if there is time, or after the next exercise)

As you write your body part a letter back, ask  questions, offer thanks, and  show this body part love. 

Get into partners and share your letters out loud with each other. 

Once you’re done, return to your circle to share with the larger group. What did you learn that surprised you or challenged you? How did you feel giving voice to your body? What will you take away from this new conversation? How can you use this inner wisdom to support your sense of personal freedom? What is one act of self-care you will commit to moving forward?

Learn more at https://www.atthewellproject.com/nissan-moon-manual-activities/freeing-your-inner-voice-meditation

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