"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend."

Freedom. Freedom is the ability to express yourself according to your unique self. Freedom is G-d given right and we must never lose sight of that. All children under G-d are equal, we are all brothers and sisters. In the bible we see women treated as second class citizens. We must not continue this. It must end. In modern life we see people, taking a stand for what is right. For equal rights of ALL people. No matter their religion, race, personal beliefs, or lifestyle. Though in this modern fight fight we must not lose focus of our personal beliefs. We must recognize what is right and what is wrong. Keeping our morals in tact and our values strong.

The Haggadah perfectly expresses the struggle for freedom through the Jews leaving Egypt, after so many years of slavery. Ritual has kept the Jewish people strong after to many years of persecution and mistreatment.Our faith and personal beliefs is what makes us all special and gives the fight for freedom it's value.

haggadah Section: Introduction