THE NIGHT (Quran, Sura 92) In the Name of God the Compassionate the Caring By the night when it falls By the day when it breaks By what has made the male and the female You strive toward different ends.

As for him who shares what he has and is mindful who affirms the right -- him we will ease to the good life

As for him who hoards what he has thinking it makes him secure who denies the right -- him we will ease to hardship Wealth will not save him from ruin

Ours is guidance Ours is the after and ours is the before

I warn you of a fire that sears One hard in wrong will burn there a denier, one who turns away

We will spare from it Whoever keeps the faith Who shares what he owns, making it pure Who looks to no one to return the favor Seeking only the face of his lord most high That one will know peace of mind

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: SEDER FOR THE EARTH: Facing the Plagues & Pharaohs of Our Generation, Shalom Center