This cup of wine is dedicated
to the women who do not find themselves
embraced by a community, as we are tonight

women who endure injury, humiliation and
sexual assault and cannot talk about it.
women who suffered unspeakable abuses and did not live to tell. 

this is the cup for shattered souls who never dreamed it would happen to them...
the women who stay to protect children, avoid shame, 
and bear the burden of shalom bayit  in a house with no peace.
the women who stay because they have no place to go.
the women who stay because they believe in love.
and the women who escaped, and now struggle to find homes,
build skills, and support their families.

this is the cup for women from whom everything has been taken --
their families, their friends, their homes, their communities,
their dignity, and their lives.

on passover, as we celebrate, as we celebrate liberation, we affirm our commitment 
to make all women safe in their homes and in their relationships.

this cup is for the women who find this night is no different from any
other night. they are sisters, they are ourselves, and they are not alone. 

-Jewish Women International

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Source: Reproductive Justice Seder Insert