A) A Cup to the Future – To uprooting oppression and
transforming all of our living cultures. We refuse to give up our
voices, our histories, our blood to the corporations and the governments, to the
pharaohs of the present day. We refuse to leave behind any of our people who
do not look or desire or move or speak or believe the way we do. We refuse to
be left behind ourselves. We are powerful agents of change, and we are
transforming our cultures to be so just, so free, so beautiful, that we cannot
even fully imagine them right now. Let us savor this taste of the freedom that is
to come. Let us never lose our conviction that the world we dream of, the
‘world to come’, is coming, right now, through each of us. (29)

B) A cup for Perseverance and Vision—. The war on Iraq, on Palestine, and
at home intensifies in different ways everyday. As we build a sit tonight, there
are groups all around the country and the world, sitting around tables like this,
talking, planning, and moving forward. We drink tonight to the long haul, to
the work that must be done now to build a movement of resistance, not only
for tomorrow or next week, but far beyond the lives of all of us at this table.

“It is not your duty to complete the work;
neither are you free to desist from it.” -The Talmud

All say the blessing over the wine:
(Ashkenazi pronunciation, fem.)
Brucha Yah Shechinah, eloheinu Malkat ha’olam
borayt p’ri ha-gafen.
(Ashkenazi pronunciation, masc.)
Baruch atah Adonai, eloheinu Melech ha’olam boreh p’ri ha-gafen.
(Iraqi pronunciation, masc.)
Barouch ata Adonai, eloheinu Melech ha’olam boreh p’ri ha-gafen
Blessed is the Infinite, that fills all creation and brings forth the
fruit of the vine.

haggadah Section: Hallel