Four Questions: Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine Factoid: The song originally had a spoken introduction narrated by Ringo, but it was dropped before the song’s release. Undeterred by this minor setback to his voiceover career, however, Ringo later became the narrator for the children’s show Thomas the Tank Engine.

מַה נשְִּׁתַּנהָּ הַלַֽיּלְָה הַזהֶּ מִכלָּ הַלֵיּלות

Ma nishtana halaila hazeh, halaila hazeh, halaila hazeh mikol haleilot?

Why is this night different from all other nights?

שֶׁבְכּלָ הַלֵיּלוֹת אָֽנו אוֹכלין חָמֵץ ומַּצָהּ הַלַֽיּלְָה הַזהֶּ כלֻּוֹּ מצה

Shebichol haleilot anu ochlin chameitz u-matzah. Halaila hazeh kulo matzah.

On all other nights we eat both leavened bread and matzah. Tonight we only eat matzah.

שֶׁבְכּלָ הַלֵיּלוֹת אָֽנו אוֹכלְִין שְׁאָר ירְָקוֹת הַלַֽיּלְָה הַזהֶּ מָרוֹר

Shebichol haleilot anu ochlin shi’ar yirakot haleila hazeh maror, maror

On all other nights we eat all kinds of vegetables, but tonight we eat bitter herbs.

(Note - verse 3 and 4 take time on early syllables)

שֶׁבְכּלָ הַלֵיּלוֹת אֵין אָֽנו מַטְבִיּלִין אֲפִילו פַּֽעַם אחָת הַלַֽיּלְָה הַזהֶּ שְׁתֵּי פְעמים

Shebichol haleilot ain anu matbilin afilu pa-am echat. Halaila hazeh shtei fi-amim.

On all other nights we aren’t expected to dip our vegetables one time. Tonight we do it twice.

שֶׁבְכּלָ הַלֵיּלוֹת אָֽנו אוֹכלְִין בֵיּן יוֹשְׁבִין ובֵּין מְסֻבִיּן. :הַלַֽיּלְָה הַזהֶּ כלָֻּֽנּו מְסֻבין

Shebichol haleilot anu ochlin bein yoshvin uvein m’subin. Halaila hazeh kulanu m’subin.

On all other nights we eat either sitting normally or reclining. Tonight we recline.

haggadah Section: -- Four Questions