Why are these questions asked and never directly answered in the Haggadah? To this question there are more than four answers:

1. Questioning is a sign of freedom, proof that we are free to investigate, to analyze, to satisfy our intellectual curiosity.

2. The simplest question can have many answers, sometimes complex and contradictory ones, even as life itself is fraught with complexity and contradictions. To see everything as good or bad,  matzah or  maror, is to be enslaved to simplicity.

3. The Haggadah challenges us to ask ourselves whether we are asking the right questions.

4. To accept the fact that not every question has an answer, that not every porblem can be neatly resolved, is another stage of liberation. In the same way that questioning is a sign of freedom, acknowledging that some things are beyond our understanding is a sign of faith.

5. When we find the answers for ourselves, we find ourselves experiencing and understanding the true meaning of the Exodus.

haggadah Section: Cover
Source: - from The Feast of Freedom, the Rabbinical Assembly