The Four Covenant Cups of Wine The four covenants which the Lord made with Israel in the wilderness are found in Exodus 6:6-7. They are reverenced and remembered during the Passover seder by drinking four cups of wine. In shortened form they are listed thus”—I will bring you, I will deliver you, I will redeem you, and I will take you.” Some scholars think there were five cups of wine in the original Passover seder. It seems likely, since there is another promise in verse 8—”I will restore you.” The temporal promises have spiritual counterparts: I will bring you out of Egypt (I will bring you out of the world); I will deliver you from slavery (I will deliver you from sin); I will redeem you (I will ransom you through the atonement); and I will take you as my people (I will take you as my spiritual sons and daughters). And for verse 8−I will restore you to the land of your inheritance (will gather you out of the world and into my kingdom). Christ did not partake of the final (or fifth)cup (which became the sacramental cup), because he couldn’t fulfill its promise until the kingdom of God on earth was permanently established.


haggadah Section: Kadesh