(Participant) As we tell the story, we think about it from all angles. Our tradition speaks of four different types of children who might react differently to the Passover seder. It is our job to make our story accessible to all the members of our community, so we think about how we might best reach each type of child.

(Participant) The wise child asks, What are the laws that God commanded us?

This child understands that God has given us commandments that define how we live our lives. To this child we teach him or her to find meaning in today's world.

(Participant) The wicked child asks, What does this all mean to you?

This child takes himself out of the community. To this child we say,  “It is because of what God did for us in taking us out of Egypt.” 

(Participant) The simple child asks, What is this?

This child does not understand the meaning of Passover. To this child we say, “With a strong hand God took us out of Egypt, where we were slaves.”

(Participant) What about the child who doesn't know how to ask a question?

To this child we tell the story of Passover, in the hopes that one day he or she will find their voice.

haggadah Section: -- Four Children