Erev shel shoshanim/
Nitzeh na el habustan/
Mor besamim ulevona/
Leraglech miftan.

Layla yored le'at/
Veru'ach shoshan noshvah/
Havah elchash lach shir balat/
Zemer shel ahava/

Shachar homa yonah/
Roshech maleh t'lalim/
Pich el haboker shoshana/
Ektefenu li.

Evening of roses/
Let's go out to the grove/
Myrrh, perfumes, and incense/
Are a threshold at your feet.

The night falls slowly/
A breeze of roses blows/
Let me whisper a song to you quietly/
A song of love.

At dawn, a dove is cooing/
Your hair is filled with dew/
Your lips to the morning are like a rose/
I'll pick it for myself.


haggadah Section: Cover
Source: Original