For the majority of the seder, the focus is to remember, retell, discuss, and experience history. As we pour this fifth and final glass of wine, our focus changes from the past to the future. This final cup is only for Elijah. We don’t share in this ceremonious final cup of wine with the prophet Elijah, because our history is not yet complete. We still have a chance to write our future. The final cup represents a change in the focus of the seder, from our history to our hopes. As we open the door for Elijah, our guest, we open the door for collaboration and new possibilities as we work to solve environmental injustice. This open door is an opportunity, for every individual to make a commitment this year to take part in writing our communal environmental future. 

Actions you can take: 

  1. Advocacy - Call, email, or visit your Members of Congress. You are the constituent, they want to hear
    from you. Share with them why this particular issues is important to you.
  2. Education - Host an environmental film screening, propose reading an environmental related book for a
    book club.
  3. Engagement - Find a local environmental organization or campaign in your community and get
  4. Greening - Be more conscious about the energy and water you use, and try to reduce it.
  5. Community - Meet the members of your community living in areas that are environmentally unsafe,
    hear their story, and get involved in solution building by engaging in greening projects and advocacy efforts.

What commitment can you make to take environmental action in this coming year? Share with the community around you as you welcome in Elijah. 

Together, we sing: 

ֵאִלָיהוּ ַהָנִביא, ֵאִלָיהוּ ַהִתְשִבּי, ֵאִלָיהוּ ַהִגְלָעִדי, ִבְּמֵהָרה ְבָּיֵמינוּ ָיבוֹא ֵאֵלינוּ, ִעם ָמִשיַח ֶבּן ָדִוד. 

Eliyahu haNavi, Eliyahu haTishbi, Eliyahu Eliyahu, Eliyahu haGiladi, Bimheirah v’yameinu, Yavo eileinu, Im mashiach ben David
May Elijah the Prophet, Elijah the Tishbite, Elijah of Gilead, quickly in our day come to us heralding redemption 

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haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: Earth Justice Seder