Eliyahu hanavi, Eliyahu hatishbi,
Eliyahu, Eliyahu, Eliyahu, hagiladi.
Bimheira beyameinu, yavo eleinu
Im moshiach ben David (2x)

Elijah, the prophet; Elijah, the Tishbite; Elijah, the Gileadite! Come quickly in our days with the Messiah from the line of David. 

Miriam han’vi’ah oz v’zimrah b’yadah.
Miriam tirkod itanu l’taken et haolam.
Bimheirah v’yameinu hi t’vi’einu
El mei hay’shuah (2x)

Miriam the prophet, strength and song in her hand; Miriam, dance with us in order to increase the song of the world! Miriam, dance with us in order to repair the world. Soon she will bring us to the waters of redemption!

haggadah Section: Bareich
Source: JFREJ: Mixed Multitudes (2016)