Dr. Rabbi Solomon suggests that just like the four sons, there are four different readers of the haggadah.

  1. The Halachic reader: The reader wants to know how to perform the mitzvot properly
  2. The Theological reader: What do these rituals and this story teach me about God?
  3. The Philological reader: What are the meaning of these words? How was the Haggadah put together? How did these rituals evolve? Wants to read the haggadah from an academic approach.
  4. The Political reader: What values do I learn from the Haggadah? How can participating in this make ethical person? How can the Seder help me change the world? He wants to apply them to his/her life.

In conclusion: We should all teach based on the specific personality of the student, or ask questions based on who you are, since everyone is included.

haggadah Section: -- Four Children