In dem land fun piramidn, Z’geven a Kenig—beyz un shlekht, Gevezen zaynen alle Yidn— Zayne diner, zayne k’nekht.

Kinder hot men dan farmoyert Ven a tzigl hot gefelt Ver veis vi lang es volt gedoyert Ot di viste shklafn velt,

In dem land fun piramidn Velt nit zayn a groyser held, Velkher hot gekemft far Yidn Mit zayn khokhme, un zayn shverd.

There lived in the land of the pyramids a very cruel and angry king. The Jews in the land were his servants and his slaves. Children were imprisoned in the wall in place of missing bricks. Who knows how long this slave world would have continued? If there had not lived a great hero in this land of the pyramids. Who fought for the Jews with his wisdom and his sword.

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: A Growing Haggadah, written by Dovid Eidelshtat