This song, found in the Seder, thanks God for the myriad miracles that took place at the time of the Exodus. “Dayenu” can also allow us to express our gratitude for all that has taken place in recent times. In 1988, CLAL (The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership) produced this modern version of

Dayenu to recall the many miracles of the modern state of Israel. This reading speaks of the Jewish community’s custom of reaching out to those in need, such as the Jews in the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. When we celebrate the successes of the past, we can also remember the ongoing need to help those who are oppressed in other communities.

Had God upheld us throughout two thousand year of Dispersion

But not preserved our hope for return, Dayenu

Had God preserved our hope for return

But not sent us leaders to make the dream a reality, Dayenu

Had God sent us leaders to make the dream a reality

But not given us success in the U.N. vote, Dayenu

Had God given us success in the U.N. vote

But not defeated our attackers in 1948, Dayenu

Had God defeated our attackers in 1948

But not unified Jerusalem, Dayenu

Had God unified Jerusalem

But not led us toward peace with Egypt, Dayenu

Had God returned us to the Land of our ancestors

But not filled it with our children, Dayenu

Had God filled it with our children

But not caused the desert to bloom, Dayenu

Had God caused the desert to bloom

But not built for us cities and towns, Dayenu

Had God rescued our remnants from the Holocaust's flames

But not brought our brothers from Arab lands, Dayenu

Had God brought our brothers from Arab lands

But not opened the gates for Russia's Jews, Dayenu

Had God opened the gate for Russia's Jews

But not redeemed our people from Ethiopia, Dayenu

Had God redeemed our people from Ethiopia

But not planted in our hearts a covenant of One People, Dayenu

Had God planted in our hearts a covenant of One People

But not sustained in our souls a vision of a perfected world, Dayenu!

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Pesach: A Season of Justice