Have you had any dayanu moments this year – Joyful ones to sing about

DAYENU – expressing gratitude

Sometimes the accumulation of small defeats can wear us down and make us lose hope.  My brain is flooded with “Why didn’t I do that?  I can’t believe I did that again: what on earth was I thinking?

What would happen if I changed  focus?  If instead of reminding myself of my failings, I started to list my successes?  Even my little ones?

What would happen if we began publicizing achievements and blessings rather than catastrophes and setback?

What if we tried to see things in a positive light?  If we constructed “gratitude lists” to make us more aware of all the wonderful things happening to us?

Singing the song “Dayenu”, a keystone moment for many families , is nothing but not a “national gratitude list.  After a rousing chorus how can a person not have more hope?

What would be on your gratitude list for the Jewish People?

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: adapted from Ayeka Haggadah