This collection of articles is meant to spark discussion as you go through the traditional seder. I have loosely grouped them along the text of the traditional seder, but they can be discussed at any time (may I suggest during the meal?)Due to time constraints, there was a lot I could not include, such as discussions of sex trafficking, labor rights, the conversations that black parents have to have with their sons for fear they will be shot by the police, a band in South Africa using music to fight for justice, or the Israeli elections. For every connection between the haggadah and modern events there are dozens more that could be made. The questions above the excerpts are meant to spark discussion not be limiting. These are for the most part excerpts of longer, excellent articles, and I encourage you to go back to the source and read the full articles. These discussions need not begin and end at the seder.

Many many thanks to all who contributed. 


haggadah Section: Introduction