The 2nd Cup

Now is the time to drink again from our wine or grape juice, remembering our responsibility to oppose oppression where we find it. Sometimes, we have to take a good, hard look at ourselves, our own families, our own cultures, and our own countries to ask, “Can something we are doing be thought of as oppressing someone else? Moses grew up in a palace with servants and privilege. It must have been very difficult for him to look at the family that raised him with objective eyes, and admit to himself that they were all part of something that hurt others. To stand up to the life he had been leading meant risking all that he had, including his adoptive family. Many people believe Moses obeyed the voice of God because he learned he was born a Hebrew. Others believe he did it because of his strong sense of social justice. He believed all people were his people, not just the family who raised him, nor the families who served him, but all people. We honor Moses today for his ability to be honest with himself, and for his commitment to living a life of integrity. 

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu