Welcoming Elijah

We now fill the fourth and final cup of wine.

At the same time, we fill an additional cup and set it aside for the prophet Eliyahu (Elijah). This practice came about because their was a difference of opinion among the sages, as to whether there should be four or five cups at the seder. The compromise was to drink four, and leave a fifth—tradition says that Eliyahu will return at the seder prior to the coming of Messiah, and he will tell us whether to drink of the fifth cup.

Send one of the children to open a door to allow Eliyahu to enter while we sing the song “Eliyahu Hanavi

Eliyahu Hanavi,
Eliyahu Hatishbi,
Eliyahu, Eliyahu, Eliyahu hagiladi

Bimheirah yameinu, yavo eileinu
Im Mashiach ben David.

Elijah the Prophet,
Elijah the Tishbite,
Elijah the Giladite

May he come speedily to us in our days
With Messiah the son of David.

We await the time when Eliyahu will return, answering all religious questions, and announcing the coming of the Messiah.

haggadah Section: Hallel
Source: Matt Sanow