ALL: Passover is the festival of life. It is the festival of Jewish survival. With this celebration we affirm that there is no force that can destroy our will to live.

Khad Gadya is the symbolic little goat of Israel which others have sought to devour. But, in the end, they themselves have been devoured.




Khad-gad-ya (2)

1. The kid my father bought for two zuzim (refrain)

2. Then came the cat and ate the kid, etc. (refrain)

3. Then came the dog and bit the cat, etc. (refrain)

4. Then came the stick and beat the dog, etc. (refrain)

5. Then came the fire and burnt the stick, etc. (refrain)

6. Then came the water and quenched the fire,etc. (refrain)

7. Then came the ox and drank the water, etc. (refrain)

8. Then came the butcher that slew the ox, etc. (refrain)

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: The Jewish Secular Community Passover Hagada