In Urchatz you wash your hands without a blessing 

In One Piece, one of Luffy's first major victories was against a warlord of the sea, Crocodile. The story of Alabasta is the closest thing one piece has to the story of passover, it takes place in a desert, there is a harsh ruler, and someone liberates it from the rule of the harsh ruler. 

In Luffy's fight with Crocodile, he is unable to damage him and tries to figure out a way to win. He eventually learns that his weakness is water, although water is the hardest resource to aquire because Crocodile has limited it in Alabasta. Luffy tries again and again to defeat Crocodile, eventually meeting him in ancient ruins beneath a castle. Luffy uses the blood on his hands that came from punching things in the place of water to finally free the land of Alabasta. 

The blood on Luffy's hands symbolize the water on ours when washing.

haggadah Section: Urchatz