So let’s bring Dayeinu into the present tonight. We have a vision, we take it to heart, and we work hard to make it happen. We are grateful, and yet what miracles and accomplishments would be sufficient (Dayeinu) in today’s world for us to be truly satisfied?

1. When all workers of the world receive just compensation and respect for their labors, enjoy safe, healthy and secure working conditions and can take pride in their work. . . Dayeinu

2. When governments end the escalating production of devastating weapons, secure in the knowledge that they will not be necessary. . . Dayeinu

3. When technology is for the production and conservation of energy and our other natural resources is developed so that we can maintain responsible and comfortable lifestyles and still assure a safe environment for our children. . . Dayeinu

4. When the air, water, fellow creatures and beautiful world are protected for the benefit and enjoyment of all, and given priority over development for the sake of profits. . . Dayeinu

5. When all people live freely, practicing their beliefs and cultures without interference or persecution. . . Dayeinu

6. When all women and men are allowed to make their own decisions on matters regarding their own bodies and their personal relationships without discrimination or legal consequences. . . Dayeinu

7. When people of all ages, sexes, races, religions, cultures and nations respect and appreciate one another. . . Dayeinu  

8. When all children grow up in freedom, without hunger, and with the love and support they need to realize their full potential. . . Dayeinu

9. When all children, men and women are free of the threat of violence, abuse and domination; when personal power and strength are not used as weapons. . . Dayeinu

10. When all people have access to the information and care they need for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. . . Dayeinu

11. When food and shelter are accepted as human rights, not as commodities, and are available to all. . . Dayeinu

12. When no elderly person in our society has to fear hunger, cold, or loneliness. . . Dayeinu

13. When the people of the Middle East, and all people living in strife, are able to create paths to just and lasting peace. . . Dayeinu

14. When people everywhere have the opportunities we have to celebrate our culture and use it as a basis for progressive change in the world. . . Dayeinu

All: If tonight each person could say this year I worked as hard as I could toward my goals for improving this world, so that one day all people can experience the joy and freedom I feel sitting with my family and friends at the Seder table. . . Dayeinu, Dayeinu

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu