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College Haggadah

College Haggadah

Leader: We begin with the Passover plate. The four foods on this plate symbolize the four years of Beloit.

Leader: The first item is the bitter herbs.

All: The bitter herbs came from the hot sauce tray.

Leader: The second item is the chocolate Karpas

All: The karpas is some lettuce that we got from the salad bar. It symbolizes prosperity.

Leader: The third item is the fruit.

All: The fruit represents the mortar that held the buildings together in Egypt. It also is sweet.

Leader: The fourth item is the condom with the hole poked in it.

All: This symbolizes fertility

Leader: The fifth item is the chunk of meat.

All: This chunk of meat symbolizes the slaughtered lamb, whose blood the Jews wiped on their doors so that their God would know not to plague them.