Throughout the year, the physical reality of our bread is Chametz, leavened, fermented bread. it is indicative of, indeed, it is the cause of the fermentation of our thoughts. What we eat and how we eat influences our mental processes. Eating just for pleasure or the alleviation of hunger is beneath the level of man. Our thought processes sink below the human level. We become prey to undesirable fantasy.

We must therefore BREAK those spontaneous thoughts the moment we become aware of them. We must not allow them to RISE to our consciousness…

On Pesach, we eat Matzah. Unfermented bread, unfermented thoughts. It is symbolic of true human consumption. We break it even before a blessing is recited. We show that with “Matzah,” we can abruptly break off undesired thoughts and keep our minds pure.

“This is the bread of Declaration”- Our food for thought. Through the Lechem Oni, the Broken bread, we come to its second aspect: The Bread of Declaration. By harnessing our eating habits--- by harnessing our thought processes----we can express outselves in prayer before God. We are free of disturbing thoughts. Now we can sit down to the Seder to recount, experience, and declare the wonders of the redemption.

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu