Chopped liver

I do not have a specific recipe for this dish as I learned by watching the women in my family make this. 

There are many recipes available on line. 

In the past, I have used both beef and chicken liver but I prefer chicken liver.  I use the grinder attachment on my Kitchen Aid mixer.  You can use a food processor but don't over process as this should have a somewhat chunky texture.  I also do not use rendered chicken fat (schmaltz).  You can use butter (obviously NOT kosher) or olive oil.

One container chicken livers ~3/4 -1 lb, cleaned, rinsed, and dried

1-2 onions sliced

~ 6 hard boiled egg


Fry onions in desired fat until soft and light brown.  Sautee chicken livers in desired fat (I use same pan as for onions) until done but not over done.  Alternate putting onion, liver, and egg through the grinder.  If the mixture is dry you can use a bit of chicken broth to moisten.  Also, more onions makes this more moist.  Proportions are based on your eye/palate.  Add salt and chill.

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