A) A Cup to Ourselves, to all of us who are at this seder
tonight, to the present moment. We must love ourselves, for we
are holy, and we have been created out of all that is. Let us take this moment
to honor our bodies, our lives, and our communities. Let us honor all the things
that have made us who we are- the pain and the pleasure. Let us savor our
bodies in all their uniqueness: our skins and our bones, all of our different
strengths and sizes, the places that look and move in ways unique to us. Note
the places that hurt, the places we struggle with, the places that are changing
and unfurling. Note the parts that have come down to us from our ancestors,
the parts we have been taught to hate, the parts we have been taught to love.
We are beautiful. Let us never forget that caring for ourselves, as we would
care for our most precious and beloved, is part of creating the world we want
to live in. (29)
Brucha at Yah, eloheinu ruach ha’olam she’asani betzalmo.
Blessed are you The Imageless, life of all the worlds, who made me
in your image.
Say the blessing over the wine.
B) A Cup for Hope— Tonight, we hold fast to the belief that people and our
actions can change the world. We hold close the stories of resistance, from
Tehran to Santa Rosa, from Philadelphia to Nablus, people and communities are
building and changing and creating as acts of resistance. Please share these
stories now, to remind us of the world we are a part of creating together. (30)

haggadah Section: Bareich