Are legumes and rice kosher for Passover?

Although the avoidance of leavened breads (called hametz) is central to what makes something kosher for Passover, around the 13th century rabbis in certain geographic areas, out of an abundance of caution, added beans and rice to the list of foods prohibited on Passover.  But this was not adopted by Rabbis in other regions.  Then in 1997 Rabbi David Golinkin of the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel--Vaad Halacha said it is not only permissible, but obligatory that we consume both legumes and rice on Pesach, in order to eliminate this custom as it is divisive between Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews.  Adhering to this custom and not eating legumes tends to diminish the importance of hametz (leavened bread) on Passover. In Torah when the holiday is first pronounced by Moses the food that is directly forbidden is leavened bread, and many believe we should keep the emphasis on this.   But there is another important reason to discontinue this tradition.  Restricting legumes and rice, encourages people to consume more animal-based foods.

haggadah Section: Urchatz