Answering the 4 Questions

Now that we have heard the Passover story, we can answer the “Four Questions”. Will the oldest guest at the Seder read the questions and answers?

1. Why do we eat matzah on Passover? We eat matzah to remind us that the Jews had no time to bake their bread before leaving Egypt. The raw dough they put on their backs baked into matzah.

2. Why do we eat bitter herbs at the Seder? We eat bitter herbs to remind us of the bitter life the slaves had while working for Pharaoh in Egypt.

3. Why do we dip foods twice at the Seder? We dip the parsley or other green vegetable into salt water to remind us that spring is here and new life is growing all around us. The salt water reminds us of the tears of the Jewish slaves. By dipping one in another, we remember the happy and the sad times together. We also link together the ancient celebrations of springtime with the retelling of this important story from our Biblical tradition. We dip, or rather combine, the apples and walnuts with wine to remind us of the clay and mortar that the slaves used to make the bricks for building the cities and palaces for Pharaoh.

4. Why do we lean on a pillow, or sit in comfort, at the Seder? We lean on a pillow to be comfortable and to remind us that once our ancestors were slaves, and now we are free! We are free to relax and to be comfortable, and we do not take that for granted!

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu