And the Eternal Brought us Forth from Egypt


"And the Eternal brought us forth from Mitzrayim, with a mighty hand and with an outstretched arm, with great awe and with signs and wonders."

And the Eternal brought us forth from Mitzrayim : And as I pass through the land of Mitzrayim in that night, I and not an angel, I shall smite every first-born in the land of Mitzrayim; I and not a seraph; and against all the gods of Mitzrayim, I shall bring judgements; I and not an emissary; I Adonoi, I and no other! By the repeated use of the word "I," the Haggadah tells us that we should praise only G-d for our redemption.

"With a mighty hand" refers to the cattle plague. As it is said, "Behold the hand of Adonai is against the cattle in the field, the horses and donkeys; camels, herds and flocks; a very grievous plague.

"With an outstretched arm" refers to the sword. As it is said, "And a drawn sword in His hand stretched out over Jerusalem."

"With great awe" refors to the appearance of the Divine Presence to the Israelites.

"With signs" refers to the staff with which miracles were performed. As it is said, "Take this staff in your hand, that you may do the signs with it."

"And with wonders" refers to the plague of blood. As it is said, "And I will show wonders in the heavens, and in the earth blood and fire and pillars of smoke."

Another explanation is that "with a strong hand refers to two plagues; "with an outstretched arm," two more; "with great awe," two more; "with signs," two more; and "with wonders," two more, totalling the ten plagues which the Holy One, blessed be He, brought upon the Egyptians in Mitzrayim.

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
Source: Illustration: John Martin,The Seventh Plague of Egypt, 1823