Other thoughts about the orange on the Seder plate:

Symbolically the orange represents the Jewish people as a community, whole but made up of many sections. The skin of the orange is our Jewish consciousness that surrounds us. In addition, the seeds inside represent the multiple seeds that can give birth to new ways of expressing our faith. The juiciness and seeds of all people, even those of the marginalized like those with disabilities or those who are gay or lesbian or transgender contribute to nourishing each new generation with the richness of our traditions.

More about the egg:

Symbolically the egg stands for the desecration of that which is sacred and its rebirth, the destruction of the ancient temple and the birth of modern Judaism. The egg is the symbol of the potential for every tragic event to result in renewal and for each human being who has experienced trauma or loss to experience the rebirth of their souls.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Kol Tikvah Women's Seder 2015