4 Sons SSLI

Every son poses a different question about the Passover festival and each of the four sons is a different type of a Jewish person, depending upon the question asked by the son about the festival of Passover. The four sons are the wise, wicked, simple and the one who does not know how to ask.

The wise son is a genuine individual with intellectual curiosity, is not at all rebellious but is religious. He puts forward the question 'What is the meaning of the testimonies, statutes and laws which the Lord has commanded us?'

The wicked son is intentionally vague and haughtily puts up the question 'What does this service mean to you?' By doing so, the wicked son makes an attempt to separate himself from the Jewish community and gets his values from his family.

The simple son is unsophisticated and indolent to educate himself about Judaism. He plainly puts forward the question 'What is this?' He is not intellectual, but has a kind and generous heart and knows about Judaism from experience

Finally, the fourth son is the one who does not know how to ask and is least bothered about Judaism; he does not want to learn and does not listen.

Who could each son represent in today's world?

haggadah Section: -- Four Children
Source: (http://www.happypassover.net/the-four-sons.html)