Okay, Moses and Aaron approach the pharaoh, pleading for the release of the Israelites. The Egyptian king shakes his head and the first plague occurs. 

Blood. Once Moses stuck his walking stick into the waters of Egypt, all the water turned to blood. 

The pharaoh, humbled by what had happened previously, agreed to let the Israelites go free, but he ends up changing his mind. 

Frogs. Yup. Egypt got a visit from some green, slimy amphibious creatures. 

Okay, the pharaoh decided to let the Israelites go, but then refused to do so...again. The Lord then sends down a third plague. 

Lice and this was before they had RID lice medication. 

Well, after three plagues, one would think Pharaoh had enough. He was still not going to let his slaves off the hook just yet. 

Flies. Too bad fly swatters weren't invented.

It appears that Pharaoh has a bit of a stubborn streak. After four plagues, it seemed that the Israelites were going to stay put. Still, a fifth plague came upon Egypt. 

Livestock disease and this was way before they had the Mad Cow disease.

Pharaoh was now trying the patience of Moses and Aaron, who were, quite frankly, sick of the Pharaoh and the previous five plagues. Still, after relenting and changing his mind, the sixth plague comes to Egypt.

Boils. Good, medicated lotion would've helped these people out.

Okay, the situation is very tense. Moses and Aaron are probably sick and tired of going into Pharaoh's palace time and time again to get him to set the Israelites free. Still, the Pharaoh won't relent. 

Hail. No chance of showers but a 100% chance of hail! 

The last plague seemed like a doozie. Well, trying to talk to the Pharaoh about setting his slaves free was like talking to a brick wall. The Lord, Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites are all fed up, which brings up an important issue.

Locust... must've been a big pain in the rear for the farmer's crops.

After eight plagues, it seems that the little light in Pharaoh's head might just click, but apparently, it didn't.

Darkness...obviously at this point, Pharaoh still wasn't getting the picture....probably because it was too dark.

Well, those last nine plagues really wore out Egypt. One would think that Pharaoh would relent and set the Israelites free after nine disasters and much imploring from Moses. Well, that still didn't fly with Pharaoh, which brings me to my last question. 

Death of firstborn. The firstborn are spared only if lamb's blood was painted on the doorway frame of one's house, thus the angel of death would pass over. Pharaoh's firstborn son died during this plague and only then did he agree to free the Israelites. While the Israelites were leaving Egypt, this Pharaoh guy decides to change his mind... again and proceeds to pursue his recently freed slaves. Instead of listening to the rather stubborn Egyptian king, Moses and the Israelites make a break for it by crossing the Red Sea, parted by Hashem. They succeeded in crossing the sea while Pharaoh and his men get swallowed up by the water as it closed in on them. The Israelites proceed to wander for 40 years until they reached the Promised Land.

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues