April 14,2022

Our Top Five Tips For Tomorrow! You've Got This!

Posted by Haggadot

Hey Seder-Makers, it's almost time for Passover!
Here's our TOP FIVE tips for a great night!

1. Go Easy On Yourself

Want to have a short seder? That's ok! Take it easy on yourself and it will still be meaningful. 
Download the Minimalist Haggadah10-Minute Dayenu Seder, the #FriendSeder or the Seder Guide from OneTable. And don't forget, you can use any of our Featured Haggadahs as your starting point, or add something new or from our clip library .

2. Prioritize

What is the one thing you want to get out of this holiday? Does it mean you watch videos during the seder, then let the kids color while the adults continue chatting? Do you want skits & laughter? A marathon of song parodies? Prioritize what you need this year from Passover and it will be meaningful. 

3. Connect With Community

Passover is all about gathering together and telling the story of our collective journey from slavery to freedom. Find a seder to join, or invite your friends and family to celebrate with you on our new events platform Powered By OneTable. Discover Passover events online and in your community.

4. Be In The Moment

In challenging times, Passover is an opportunity to reflect on what is happening in our lives, give gratitude, tell our stories and reconnect to the rhythm of Jewish time. Bring this current moment into your celebration by adding new symbolic items to your seder plate. Make space for the people of Ukraine with our Seder Supplement or take a moment to exhale with our Passover Meditation Guide.

5. Don't Let Tech Get In The Way

Online seders aren't about technology - they're just a great way to ease connection.
We recommend downloading your PDF Haggadah BEFORE your seder to avoid any stressful last-minute issues. Our team is here to help UNTIL FRIDAY at 6:00 PM ET.

Wishing you heartfelt, uplifting, connective & surprising seders,
The Haggadot.com Team